PACIFIC 231 "Unusual Perversions" (VP 231):

In similar areas to P16 D4, P231 offer no compromise in their world of harsh, tortured noise recalling the early ideas of TG and MB. Exhalted images are wasted on a diet of fizz dressed in out of focus dinner jackets. Hang out to dry as this record perspires easily whilst being played. Side 2 opens like an angry can of bees. Images of subterranean monsters come to mind inhabiting strange stone monoliths arranged in the shape of a 6. Squirm you worm. Let it do battle with your ears !


This is an international compilation realized by LE SYNDICAT in association with VP 231. In late 1984 dozens of groups were invited to contribute to a compilation project with the theme "Hell is Intimate". So great was the response that several volumes will be released of which this is the first. Volume 0 features tracks by John Duncan/Paul Hurst, Controlled Bleeding, Le Syndicat, Etant Donnes, Ankh and other practitioners of harsh electronic music. Package in a folder with booklet.

PACIFIC 231 / BERLINERLUFT "Nuit & Brouillard" (VP 231 / NEW WAVE):

Live recordings of P231 and studio version of live material by BERLINERLUFT the event being recorded 4/10/83. P231 in their 25 minutes piece create the definative noisework using Nazi and Allied speeches marches etc... over sounds similar to their visual-ie, that of planes in flight. This comparatively simple idea works well in that the drones are not static but shift though the speeches etc... cleverly confuse things. The BERLINERLUFT side however did little for me lying a little too close to 'rock' music to me although there are elements of say T.G. somewhere in there. Packaging is superb but I'ld start with the LE SYNDICAT release of P231 first if it is just them who interest you. I'm unsure of the price but write to P231 for details (address elsewhere). I hope that is the last Nazi speech tape I hear !

...France's PACIFIC 231's "N¡2 (Live)" (humpback whales from hell)... (U.S.A)

PACIFIC 231 "Power Assume" & PACIFIC 231 "The Last Morality":


PACIFIC 231 "The Lost Judgement" (LE SYNDICAT):

The P231 tape is a 30 minutes 'soundtrack' type piece consisting of many infrasounds which are subtly mixed together achieving an overall result similar to the more droning Alvin Lucier works and has great depht to it. The other side is a collection of archive tracks are pretty variable and of the more 'normal' P231 sound, synth, distortion, radio, harsh vocals etc... the earlier(?) pieces are again too randomly put together but the overall intensity of P231's work does shine through and as such is a good introduction to their work as well as providing a taster of the "War" tape reviewed elsewhere.

PACIFIC 231 "The Last Morality" (LADD-FRITH):

Pacific 231 is a french legend, and this is a document of two live performances conducted in France in late 1984. A mind boggling epic about Man & Nature executed with tapes, vocals & harmonized feedback. (U.S.A)

PACIFIC 231 & Elisabeth Morcellet "Figures Narcissiques" (VIDEO):

Jeu de dames, Atlas, Moon Light, Figures Narcissiques y Suspension son los titulos de las diferentes peizas que componen esta obra. Soledad y sensualidad. La musica de PACIFIC 231 (uno de los pioneros del sonido "industrial" en Francia) evoluciona sin cesar a lo largo del tiempo: desde las saturaciones y percusiones industriales de su primer LP a una musica mas ritualista e hipnotica, como esta banda sonora.
STI (Spain)

VOX POPULI ! & VOX 231 "Ebats Spirituels" (CTHULHU Rec.):

The title translates to "Spiritual Frolics" an accurate summation of the mood of this tape, which consists of 12 short, experimental pieces. The tracks are mysterious and meditative, combining flute, guitar, zither, cornet, synthesizer, and voice, and using various treatments on these instruments. Side one is more minimal, and is primarily acoustic, although many of the acoustic sounds are electronically processed. Side two, which primarily features Gnouf Tap of Vox Populi ! and Pierre of Pacific 231, is every bit as mysterious, but a little less meditative, places more emphasis on electronics, especially sequencer, and even uses a bit of screeching noise, along with the likes of slowed-down cornet. An excellent tape, one of the best of this kind I've heard, both in terms of content and recording quality.


PACIFIC 231 "Enhance Your Sex":

French specialists of harsh and powerful industrial electronic distortion, Pacific 231, here with a nice piece of murmuring monotony. The group is responsible for some records, of which especially the great "Unusual Perversions" is notable. Also contributions as such as "Ritual dos Sadicos 1 & 2" and "L'enfer est Intime".

PACIFIC 231 "Unusual Perversions" (VP 231):

Gettato di riva in riva, contrade selvagge dove regnano la guerra e il massacro, i sacrifici insensati di Unusual Perversions portano verso l'annichilimento corporale e pscichico. Questo album uscito all'inizio del 1987, avviava la musica verso nuovi territori dove era sostituita da una poesia pura e irriducibile (senza pero rinnegare le cognizioni della musica punk o industriale che lo hanno preceduto). In seguito la tensione della musica di Pacific 231 ha raggiunto degli strati interni sempre meno visibili. Il seguito del percorso di Pacific 231 ci promette ancora nuove sorprese. (extract).
AMEN (Italy)

PACIFIC 231 das jagdhorn schrillt, bohrt sich ins ohr, kehrt in echointervallen zuruck endlose klangwellen spornen an zur treibjagd der triebe starre blicke durchbohren imaginares freiwild erlegt und gezahlt vor dem buhnenthron ihr jager und treiber elenden hunde was starrt ihr mich so an...schweben an straden die nicht sind, leise behutsam fast unhohrbar vox populi ! dein anlitz ehrt stolz dein hohrer zu sein, auf sandduhnen wandelnd eine arena wie eine fata morgana luftschloßer zum fulhen und es weg, wie nie dagewesen und doch...

STRICH (Germany)


International 4 track cass. collaboration of intense, psychic dimensions. A companion release to the new 10" on BNIA.. Excellent!!!! And of course.... Recommended!!!!! (U.S.A)


The long-awaited live release! Excellent stereo high fidelity board mix. Haunting chant-noise and synthi wave washout. Powerful improvisation with electronics & acoustics. Lots of fun & lots of texture!!! (U.S.A)


Impressive new release from this power trio of avant-gardists!! Super stereo mix & hi-fi recordings of the latest mail collaborations. Scary, fun, trippy, and moddy cuts designed for total soundwave penetration!!! Includes cover songs by PSY 231, and of course, the multi-faceted compositions of PSY 231. Full Color Cover!!!!! WOW!!! (U.S.A)

PACIFIC 231 "Xochipilli" (LADD-FRITH):

Hmmm-a mysterious computer image on the cover, no songs titles, no information sent, what was I in for ? One man and his machine. Ambient noise swirled out of the speakers, a soundtrack of despair. Distant voices echoed through the wall of sound. The tape played on and on, disturbing, unnerving yet interesting. Just when I thought it would be more of the same, it changed. A reggae beat filters through the rain like a ray of sunlight enveloped the gloom (got creative there, Jim). Hailing from Dublin, Ireland, Pierre Jolivet sends his message of noise. RRR Records are you listening ?