21 June 1996

"Experimenters have accurately measured more than 100 thousand spectral lines of atoms, ions and molecules. One can measure each spectral line many times and obtain the same value of energy for that line. They say that the appearance of each spectral line is controlled by natural law. Have the theoretical physicists found the natural law of even one spectral line and explained it? No, they haven't, and until now we don't know what law governs the production of spectral lines. The process of binding and separation of photons with and from an electron in its 'orbital' transitions is considered to be concealed in the creation of the spectral line.

Don't more than one hundred thousand accurately determined spectral lines provide sufficient information to determine the structure of the photon and electron? This vast amount of data should be adequate to that purpose, but modern physical theories not only fail to do so, but 'prove' it is impossible to do. Current models of the photon and electron are completely unable to provide even a hint as to their structures in physically comprehensible form."

Philip M. Kanarev, Russia
On the Way to the Physics of the 21st Century

New Hydrogen Atom?

Foundations and Frontiers of Nature,
care of Dissident Physics

Ratbag Antiphysics Rag

Media to circumvent the peer-review of covert science

"It is not a matter of adopting an anti-mathematical stance, but rather of choosing appropriate mathematics for this realm of scientific endeavor. The truth is that wave-mechanics doesn't work in general, is usually too difficult to provide important and readily measureable numbers, and has virtually no predictive power. It can be made to describe what's going on, just as one can patch up the mediaeval theory of celestial epicycles and make it account for celestial motions -- but both theories are probably wrong in the same ways.

Nuclear physics needs the insight of a 20th century Michael Faraday. And once it has it, theoreticians need to learn a little humility and gratitude. They need to be more tolerant of ideas which, though simpler and less fashionable, probably work better and make more intuitive sense. This is the purpose of the present book which revives ideas of classical physicists such as Kirchoff, Lenz and Watt, alongside Buckminster-Fuller and the 19th century alchemists, and uses them to supplement modern counterparts such as Feynman, Yukawa and Nambu. The endproduct is a workable theory, so simple that children can do the relevant calculations in their heads and understand what they are doing."

Chris Illert, Australia
Alchemy Today, Volume 2

[World's 1st model of nuclear structure!]

'free' energy, 'space' energy, 'new' energy - -
- - but no 'zero-point' energy

"Oh I've got somethin' inside me,
to drive the princes blind.

There's a wild man wizard,
he's hidin' in me,
illuminatin' my mind."

Harry Chapin

Web Walk

"There was music
in the cafe's at night.

And revolution
in the air."

Bob Dylan

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