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SuperLuminal Velocity

"Sarcastic Science, she would like to know, in her complacent Ministry of Fear, How we propose to get away from here..." Robert Frost "Why Wait for Science," c. 1947

"A reinterpretation of the well-known formula of the 'mass-velocity relation' is exactly derived from a new viewpoint with new concepts, such as the finiteness of the transmitting velocity of force (TVF), effective action, and the coupled effect of the TVF for two EM fields, etc." " As is well known, the classical mechanics has an implicit assumption that the result caused by a mutual action between two bodies is independent of the relative speed between them in any case." "When you ride a bicycle at full speed, you may not be able, despite your best efforts, to further accelerate your bike due to 'pedal-idle'. This phenomenon makes you unable to apply your effort to accelerating the bike, because your pedaling cannot equal or exceed the revolution of the wheel. This fact tells us that the EFFECTIVE ACTION exerted on a body will become zero, when the motion speed of an applied body relative to an applying body, V, is equal to or exceeds the TVF (which can be denoted by U). Thus the effective action of a force is dependent, not independent, of the speed ratio ž (=V/U)."

Xu Shaozhi & Xu Xiangqun A Neo Explanation of the 'Mass-Velocity' Relation

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"During three generations a few scientists in different countries have found the error of the Theory of Relativity (TR). But their works have not been published in the scientific press. Therefore, everyone has to examine the foundations of the TR and discover the verities about the errors for themselves. TR is founded on two erroneous principles: principle of relativity and principle of limited velocity. In studying the electromagnetic (EM) interactions in TR it is assumed that EM interactions do not depend on velocity. Therefore to satisfy the experimental facts, it is necessary to make mass, space and time dependent on velocity. In fact, the forces of interaction between two point charges, for example, depend not only on the distance between them, but also on their relative velocity; and the mass, space and time do not depend on velocity."

Joseph J.Smulsky Yes, Science is Confronted by a Great Revolution

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