21 June 1994

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"The flux-rope model has a curious history, having been proposed by H.W.Babcock [Astrophysical Journal 133, p 220, 1961] as a necessary feature of emerging magnetic fields, required to explain observed spiral forms above sunspots and puzzling asymmmetries in sunspot groups. "This theory" of solar magnetohydro- dynamics might be termed the primordial field theory because it asserts that successive generations of toroidal fields are all wound upon some sort of poloidal field which does not reverse and is presumably of primordial origin."

Jack H. Piddington
Cosmic Electrodynamics

Foundations and Frontiers of Nature,
care of Dissident Physics

Ratbag Antiphysics Rag

Media to circumvent the peer-review of covert science

"An alternative to the special theory of relativity "shows that there can be a rotating speed of a charged body that exceeds the speed of light C. The limitation of velocity to the speed of light C resulted from the feedback effect on a finite charged particle in motion." "This feedback enhances both the electric field E and magnetic induction B of the moving charge" causing "the E and B fields to approach infinite magnitude, putting a limit on the translation speed of a charged particle. If there is no fluctuation in the B field, as for example in uniform rotational motion of a charged particle, there is no feedback." "In the case of a positively charged sphere spinning with uniform angular speed there is no rate of change of B. The rotational speed V of its rim can exceed the speed of light C."

Thomas G. Barnes
New Proton & Neutron Models

Leveraging our Knowledge of Nature

Alternative and Dissident Sources

Waves on the Institutional Sea

"With monotonous regularity, all throughout history, religious crackpots have predicted the imminent end of the world. I have about 90 percent confidence that I'm now doing something very similar ... And this time it's good news."

Arthur C.Clarke Cold Fusion,
May 1994

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