Arupa Noumenal

The End of the Beginning

Since the human gender reached the status of Homo Habilis, our tools or our spirits try to mould the materia prima to control our environment. From a goddess based society we have moved to a system who understand only the exploitation of the biosphere rather than a possible symbiose. As Rupert Sheldrake put it from an organic life based vision to a mechanistic one, especially since the rise of the Judeo-Christian established religions and the destruction of their Animistic counterparts. Can we afford anymore the highway of Materialistic Debauche of Resource to sustain an unlimited growth ?

We need to rethink our philosophy of Life. Our socio-economical system cannot survive as a reliable organisation. We can compare this situation with a predator organism eating itself at the end of the chain. Our first approach into the right direction was the discovery of basic chemistry driving us to complex molecular structures then to atomic physic in our comprehension of our physical universe. We should rendre hommage to the Alchemist who first discovered many basic chemical compounds well before modern chemists. From the Atomic Age, we have progressed to the Quantum Age and the first lights of the Theory of Everything. As a Quantum Being, we start to become aware of the Essence of Nature.

Our technological advances bring us to a more spiritual world interweaving ourselves with the Infinity of Creation. The Chaos Theory relating directly to the Quantum Jump assumption of electrons passing from one universe to another. We are the within and the without, and not superior or inferior to anything just a bunch of cells connected to the immensity of Nature. What a slap to the Earth Gods Priests who do not perceive the Metaphor of most Human Religions toward Symbolic Comprehension of the (not for long) Unveiled.

Nanotechnological Rise

Nanotechnology can bring solutions to our problems, but to come to age a major human capital co-ordination need to be overcome with a savoir faire including many different fields (from physicists to engineers). Such a technology can help us, beside the basic materialistic implications, to have a deeper understanding of the "complex spatio-temporal patterns of physico-chemical interaction not yet fully understood' of Morphogenetic Fields in our exploration of the matter at molecular level. The most difficult step is to create the first Universal Assembler (or whatever you want to call it) but once this tiny factory created a duplication process can start to generate copies of themselves. It is interesting to notice that the advance in this field seems to expand gradually toward this goal, like a Morphic Resonance.

Our main actual industrial society by-product is the abnormal increase of Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere, one of the gases responsible for the so-called 'Greenhouse Effect', as well as one of the most versatile atoms around. They can bond with more atoms than any others except Silicon which can compete with it. This is the reason why every organisms on the Earth are Carbon based (some research support the existence of potential Silicon based life somewhere in the Universe). Carbon can be one of the best raw material for Nanotech Manufacturing, not to forget the benefit to have extra Oxygen available (Carbon Dioxide is made up of two atoms of Oxygen and one atom of Carbon). Recycling is the next big thing, virtually anything can be rearranged at molecular level, toxic wastes of the 20th century can turn into resources of the 21st.

With further development Terraforming should be able to be developed to make planet like Mars (for the time being) hospitable. Having the knowledge of how a Biosphere can give birth and sustain life (from basic chemical reactions to Morphogenetic Fields) using Bioengineering and Nanotech Assembling, nothing should be out of reach. As Aristotle coined it, Entelechy (from the Greek en, meaning 'in' and telos meaning 'end') or the Soul of Creation should patch Raw Perception to a Supra-Human Perspective, aiming to a breakthrough in our Anthropocentrism when the Stars become US and WE become the Stars.

Beyond the barrier

In the future, beyond the means of Molecular Technology, Quantanalogy (or the science of sub-atomic manipulation) will provide us with the power to morph our own being in a physical or spiritual way reaching the boundary of the space time continuum (when the Baryon meet the Tachyon). A new way of transportation can be foreseen through Quantanalogy like beam transportation using particle faster than light (Tachyon) as a carrier. Morphogenetic Field and Morphic Resonance can enhance the vitalist evolution of our species in any kind of environment and de facto making us adaptable to the most hostile surrounding (beside the abilities of Terraforming already explained above).

From there, Consciouness and Mnemonic Awareness can be brought to new high by a more profound interspecies communicability, it is in fact interesting to notice than all these Futuristic Projections are based on Analogical Systems relying on massive parallel Data Transfer faraway from the actual Bulk Digital Information Processing. Bonds seems par ailleurs stronger at sub-atomic level, perhaps to tell us more about the ever changing nature of relationship within Matter, Primordial Entelechy. What a experience for a Human Being to be able to analyse a problem with the eyes of an insect or even in a more exotic way, with a tree...

To a different society

But how to solve, first, all the social problems weakening day after day the development of these new socio-technological developments. We should be able to overcome ! From the late sixties and the first men in space seeing Mother Earth standing in the cold emptiness, the Gaia Theory took ground with James Lovelock and his early space probe development making him interested about the life giving properties of the Universe. Quantum leaps have been made since, toward a better comprehension of Nature and a de-radicalisation of a Capitalistic System which is by some extent no better than its Communist counterpart, still a lot of hard work needs to be achieved to create a more equal and polyvalent social system. We should seek evolution through Knowledge and Wisdom rather than Power and Greed.


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