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Based on the Richview campus, UCD ERG boasts a rich resources for both research and postgraduate activities. In addition to experienced acaemic and technical staff there is the Richview Library, The Urban Institute Ireland Built Environment Laboratory and the new Sky Project monitoring station.


The Library serves the information needs of all those based in Richview, UCD and the wider university community, most particularly the UCD-wide maps service which is based in Richview and is the only one of its kind existing in Irish universities and colleges.

To assist with the information needs of all our users, Richview Library develops, organises, maintains and makes available a wide range of material collections, e.g. traditional books and print journals, electronic journals and electronic books, images, maps in all formats including electronic as well as print, development plans for the entire country (including an archive collection), databases and other research tools, etc.

With its wide variety of resources and formats of materials, Richview Library is unique; no other UCD Library has such a range. It is unique also in that it is the largest architecture library in Ireland, offering tailored and specialist services to architects.



The Built Environment Laboratory at UII provides state-of-the-art equipment and facilities, supported by technical expertise. BEL provides facilities for modelling (both physical and computational), measuring and field monitoring. Research themes supported include:

  • Energy and environment
  • Indoor environmental quality
  • Daylight and solar
  • Natural ventilation
  • Building thermal performance
  • Urban climatology
  • Renewable energies
The major components of BEL include:

Hemispherical Artificial Sky: allows researchers and designers to simulate daylight conditions within and around buildings, using scale models. The sky can reproduce a full range of Commission Internationale de L'Eclairage (CIE) standard overcast, intermediate and clear skies with an integrated heliodon. Supported using luminance, illuminance, photographic and radiometric metering and equipment.

Thermography: thermographic analysis of buildings and their components by means of studying thermal performance, energy efficiency, construction quality, thermal bridging and moisture detection amongst others. It uses a digital thermographic camera to provide detailed real-time analysis.

Ventilation, Indoor Air Quality and Thermal Comfort: a range of instrumentation and data logging equipment is available for measurement and analysis of several parameters including building air-tightness, air change rates, air quality characteristics and airborne particles.

Climate Monitoring: a wide range of instrumentation is available for the measurement and analysis of both indoor and outdoor environments. Specific configurations can be arranged to support a widely varying range of research applications.

Other resources will be added as the programme develops and participates in national and international research initiatives as part of its work programme.

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